Beat the Odds Manual


Beat the Odds® (BTO) integrates the power of contemporary drum circles and group counseling to build core strengths such as focusing and listening, team building, leadership, expressing feelings, managing anger/stress, empathy, and gratitude. It is inclusive, culturally relevant, and does not bear the stigma of therapy.


UCLA researchers have shown that Beat the Odds® can significantly reduce a spectrum of behavior problems in children, such as those associated with inattention, withdrawn/depression, post-traumatic stress, anxiety, attention deficit/hyperactivity, oppositional defiance, and sluggish cognitive tempo.

bto-training_large-groupWhile this program has been designed for use with elementary age children, it can be easily adapted to any population, including older children, families, and older adults. The program can serve a whole classroom at a time and is designed for delivery by school personnel or those without musical experience. Many mental health professionals and teachers in the Los Angeles Unified School District and in Santa Clarita Valley have received training in BTO. No musical experience is necessary to be trained as a BTO facilitator.