Brandy’s Erasable Bag of Air (BOA) 36″


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This heavy-duty therapeutic punching bag was created by Dr. Brandy Schumann. Children use this play room tool to express different emotions.  Wet erase markers to be used with the bag are included.


The inflatable bag is 36″ and utilizes a sand-weighted base. (Sand is not included).

​The bladders are comprised from extremely heavy plastic and made with extra large seams. Even so, some air leakage from the bladder may still occur. It is normal practice to replenish the air periodically.

The new and improved white BOA now has the ability for the client to draw on it’s surface with specialized markers that come with the bag upon purchasing. The markers will be in a pouch with sponges to be used for wet erasing the ink from the casing. The markers that are sent with the white BOA are the only type of markers that can be used on it, and we do recommend erasing the ink the same day it was applied. This updated white casing provides a blank canvas of creativity for the child to express how they feel in a new and creative way.