Cave Dragon

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Humanity’s fear of deep, dark places might be attributable to legends of Cave Dragons. These flightless treasure hoarders can see in the dark, and their scales resemble rocks, allowing them to blend perfectly with their setting.

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  • Scientific Name: Draco spelunca
  • Characteristics: Resembling their larger cousin, the Balrog, Cave Dragons have unique camouflage perfect for the dark spaces where they reside. Claws, spikes, and scales give this figure fearsome realism.
  • Size and Color: Imagine the shades of browns and grays that meld in a cave. Now imagine a pair of bright green eyes appearing in a particularly dark cavern. This is the cave dragon, a 6 ½ inch long beast, 5 ¼ inches wide, and 3 ¼ inches high.
  • The Cave Dragon is part of the Dragons collection.