Cory Helps Kids Cope With Divorce


An engaging therapeutic story and playful activities to help very young children express feelings, clarify divorce-related misconceptions, ease transition stress, address self-blame, and strengthen coping skills. Includes tips for parents. Ages 4-8. 


This book is part of the Cory Series to help children cope with challenging issues. This version presents engaging activities to help very young clients cope with divorce. Cory, the central character in the story, helps children gradually confront and process their feelings and reactions related to the divorce. Therapeutic games, art, and other playful activities are incorporated to lower the threat level of therapy and engage children in treatment. Questions and re-enforcers are woven throughout the story to captivate and sustain the child’s interest in the story, and to evaluate and encourage the child’s integration of the material. Includes a reproducible story, activities, and detailed parent handouts.

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