Ditch That Jerk: Dealing with Men Who Control and Hurt Women

Author(s) : Pamela Jayne

Foreword by : Andrew Klein

Paperback, 256 pages.

Item #932837

If you know your husband or boyfriend is a good man, then this book isn’t for you. But if you’re not so sure, Ditch That jerk will help you assess whether your partner could be controlling or abusive – and whether he’ll ever change.

Author Pamela Jayne writes in a direct, honest style, and uses real-life examples to show how the mind of abusive man works and how to recognize the men she characterizes as potentially good, definitely bad or utterly hopeless. Her book includes descriptions, examples, warnings – and even “jerk tests.” Should you ditch him?

If you’re with a man or who is controlling or hurtful – or you want to help a woman who is – Ditch That Jerk is for you. Sensible and straightforward, this book can help women make potentially lifesaving decisions about their relationships.

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