Dr. PlayWell’s Positive Thinking Card Game


This card game is designed to encourage children to develop a more positive attitude about themselves, their problems, and the people around them. This card game teaches children four essential positive thinking skills, including: recognizing self-defeating statements, changing negative thoughts to positive ones, seeing positive ways to cope with problems, and using positive self-talk. The skills taught in this game will be useful for all children, but in particular they will help children with behavior disorders, anxiety disorders, and depressive symptoms. Ages 6-12. For 2-4 players.


  • Great tool for children with behavioral disorders, anxiety disorders, and depressive symptoms
  • Help children develop a more positive attitude

  • Includes¬†2 6-sided Dice, 52 game cards, Positive Thinking Activity Cards, and instructions

  • Created by Lawrence Shapiro, Ph.D.

  • For 2-4 players

  • Ages: 6-12

1 Blank 12-sided Die with Write-on Stickers
52 Game Cards
12 Positive Thinking Activity Cards (these cards are not part of the actual game, but rather they can be used for giving assignments, which will help think about the importance of developing a positive attitude.)

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