Interviewing Children About Sexual Abuse


This book covers the entire interview process, showing professionals how to structure, document, and follow-up on children’s responses to interviews. It can be used with children who are very young, have special needs, or come form diverse backgrounds. Faller explains how to use standardized tests and measures, formulate conclusions about sexual abuse, and defend those decisions in a courtroom or clinical setting.


A core issue for professionals responsible for addressing sexual abuse is how to correctly identify cases. Interviewing Children About Sexual Abuse critically reviews the research and practice on the spectrum of issues related to interviewing the sexually abused child. Its chapters cover all the most important topics that interviewers must keep in mind, from the accuracy of children’s memories to appropriate types of questions to the use of interview aids, and within each chapter is a comprehensive review of research and practice, leading to conclusions that can be used to guide practice in this most sensitive of assignments.

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