Just Tell Me What To Say - Betsy Brown Braun - 452970

Just Tell Me What to Say: Sensible Tips and Scripts for Perplexed Parents

Author(s) : Betsy Brown Braun

Paperback, 256 pages.

Item #452970

Parents are often perplexed by their children’s typical behaviors and inevitable questions. This down-to-earth guide provides “Tips and Scripts” for handling everything from sibling rivalry and the food wars to questions about death, divorce, sex, and “whyyyy?” Betsy Brown Braun blends humor with her expertise as a child development specialist, popular parent educator, and mother of triplets. Whatever your dilemma or child’s question—from “How did the baby get in your tummy?” to “What does ‘dead’ mean?” to “It’s not fair!”—Betsy offers the tools and confidence you need to explain the world to your growing child.

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