Kimochis Bug


Bug is a caterpillar who is afraid of change. He is thoughtful, cautious and has secret dreams of flying. When Bug is feeling brave you can spread his wings! When he is feeling afraid you can tuck his wings tuck away in the pocket on his back. Bug comes with three feelings: Happy, Brave, Left Out.

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Kimochi (KEY.MO.CHEE) means “feeling” in Japanese. Kimochis® characters come with small pillows with a feeling (happy, sad, silly, brave…) printed on one side, and a corresponding facial expression on the other. A how-to Kimochis® Feel Guide is also included introducing the personalities of each character and offering parents easy tips and engaging activities to help strengthen the parent-child connection and teach children to identify and express feelings in positive ways. Go on! Express yourself with Kimochis® and boost your child’s emotional intelligence!

1. 13″ plush character
2. The 3 feelings (Happy, Brave, and Left Out) can be stored in Bug’s front pouch.
3. Bug’s wings can be tucked away when he’s feeling afraid or can come out when he’s feeling brave!
4. The included 48 page Feel Guide comes with fun and easy activities.