Late, Lost, and Unprepared


This book is an excellent resource for parents of children ages 6-18 who struggle with executive functions including: impulse control, adapting to new situations, starting homework and chores, following directions, reading and retaining information, and completing and turning in assignments. The book offers short chapters with overviews, summaries, case studies, tips, and practical strategies.


Written by clinical psychologists, this book emphasizes the need for a two-pronged approach to intervention: 1) helping the child to manage demands in the short run, and 2) building independent skills for long-term self-management. Full of encouragement and practical strategies, the book’s organization — short chapters with overviews, summaries, case studies, tips, and definitions–makes it easy to grasp concepts quickly and get started. Part I provides information about: what executive functions are and how weaknesses in these skills affect development; the impact of weak executive function on children’s emotional lives and their families; how professionals assess executive function problems; and associated conditions (AD/HD–children with an AD/HD diagnosis always have executive skills issues — learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, Tourette syndrome, etc.). Part II includes how to change behavior and set reasonable expectations, and offers specific intervention strategies for children of different ages, varying needs, and profiles.

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