Making Healthy Choices Healthy Lifestyle DVD


Making Healthy Choices is a complete wellness course. The sessions can be used separately or as a series to help your participants adopt positive and lasting changes for living well. It is a common-sense approach to wellness that includes a rich variety of information about healthy living options.

Making Healthy Choices offers more than information—it challenges participants personally. Worksheet masters are provided for each session. The Stop and Reflect portions of the worksheets invite consideration of important issues and choices as answers to the questions are pondered. Participants learn to apply the information from the DVD to their own situation.

Assessing the level of wellness and deciding how to change for the better is an intensely personal matter. After watching Making Health Choices participants will find that many others feel as they do. They will find many wonderful opportunities to share their thoughts and hopes as they work together to identify problems—and solutions, too!

Making Healthy Choices can be used with a group or individually. Keep a copy in your library for those who are looking for help in between group sessions.

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While watching Healthy Lifestyle participants will learn:

• The basics of wellness, a lifestyle that leads to health and the enjoyment of life
• The importance of personal responsibility
• The five key areas of a wellness lifestyle: exercise, nutrition, stress management, relationships, and personal balance

By using the worksheets, participants will:

• Create a wellness report card that shows how participants are doing in the major areas of wellness
• Consider where participants would like to make improvements
• Plan how to make the desired changes