Making It Better


Young children living with uncertainty and insecurity may have a difficult time focusing on learning. Their teachers and caregivers may need to be the anchor needed to make sense of their lives after trauma. This resource provides 85 activities, each grounded in brain research, to help children process and heal from a wide range of stressful events.


Table of Contents:

Introduction to Trauma-Informed Early Child Education
Part 1: Childhood Changed: Understanding Trauma
Chapter 1: Attachment and the Growing Brain
Chapter 2: Early Traumatic Stress
Chapter 3: Implementing the Trauma-Informed Classroom
Chapter 4: Trauma-Informed Discipline
Chapter 5: The Unique Grieving Process for Each Child
Chapter 6: Helping Children Build Resiliency
Part 2: Classroom Activities for Empowerment
Chapter 7: Healing Play
Chapter 8: Healing Arts
Chapter 9: Healing Language ArtsAppendix A: Making Referrals
Appendix B: Resources
Appendix C: Index of Activities by Issue
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