Meet Thotso, Your Thought Maker


Meet Thotso, Your Thought Maker is a top quality, engaging, 30 page board book all children (and adults!) will love. There are interactive devices on almost every page. The book introduces Thotso the Brain and Thotso’s thinking patterns that build a child’s resiliency and self-esteem through positive thinking skills. Thotso introduces 3 types of thots, Smiling Thots, the thoughts that make you feel good; BooBoo Thots, the thoughts that hurt and make you feel bad; and Bandage Thots, kind words you can say to yourself to help you feel better, and process BooBoo Thots into Smiling Thots!


Dr. Avery is the author of Meet Thotso, Your Thoughtmaker, a book that can be used to teach young children, parents, and educators a curriculum of positive thinking skills. Rachel Robb Avery, Ph.D. is co-owner of Smart Thot LLC with Dot Lucci, M.Ed., CAGS. Smart Thot is a company that designs and markets books and preschool curriculum that increase children’s emotional resiliency by teaching positive thinking skills.

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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 1.5 in