Miles is a Mighty Brothersaurus


Six-year-old Miles is back and today is his big brother Scotty’s championship baseball game. The whole family is excited – everyone except Miles, that is. As the middle child, Miles is tired of celebrating his siblings’ achievements all the time and feels like no one seems to care much about what he likes to do. Opting to stay home with Grandpa instead of going to the big game, Miles comes up with a plan: he’ll find something he can do really well, so he can win a lot of trophies and show his family that he is special, too! Gramps and Miles set out to find his “thing,” but ultimately discover that the best trophy of all is the happiness that comes when you do what you love – and that it’s really super special to just be yourself.

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Dimensions 8.6 × 8.7 × .2 in