More About Me


Often kids get stuck deciding what to write about. This problem was solved with the publication of the best-selling All About Me, Linda Kranz’s fist keepsake journal for young writers. Now, its sequel makes it easy for any child to continue putting pen to paper and write, write, write!


All About Me has so successfully stimulated imaginations that children all over the country have been clamoring for more. To help them keep their creative juices flowing, the author gives us More About Me: Another Keepsake Journal for Kids. It follows the same style as All About Me and is chock full of new thought-starters such as “If you could spend an entire day being invisible, what would you do?” and “When you are grown and have a home of your own, what will you do that you aren’t allowed to do now?” And, like its predecessor, More About Me includes blank pages that encourage kids to draw or write about whatever strikes their fancy.

A fun activity book, More About Me will arouse the inventive muses in youngsters and give them a place to store all their thoughts and memories for the future.

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