My Body Belongs to Me


Establishing boundaries for youngsters, My Body Belongs to Me teaches kids that when it comes to their body, there are some parts that are for ‘no one else to see’ and empowers them to tell a parent or teacher if someone touches them inappropriately.


Without being taught about body boundaries, a child may be too young to understand when abuse is happening – or that it’s wrong. This straightforward, gentle book offers a tool parents, teachers and counselors can use to help children feel, be, and stay safe. The rhyming story and simple, friendly illustrations provide a way to sensitively share and discuss the topic, guiding young children to understand that their private parts belong to them alone. The overriding message of My Body Belongs To Me is that if someone touches your private parts, tell your mom, your dad, your teacher or another safe adult.

Reading Level: Grade 1
Interest Level: Ages 3–8

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