My Body Is Mine, My Feelings Are Mine


Presents a story to be read to small children about how Lilli and Walter show that they know their own feelings, and demonstrate how they keep their bodies private, too.


This is an extremely thorough guidebook for preventing sexual abuse. The beginning follows a boy and a girl who learn the body rules – not to let anyone touch, not to touch anyone, not to let people take exploitative pictures or to look at them, and to always tell grown-ups when someone touches them inappropriately. In the middle is a “Body Rules Safety Quiz,” to see that children have learned the lesson properly and to reiterate the rules and appropriate reactions to them. This is followed by the guidebook for all adults who are involved with children. This discusses the problem of child sexual abuse and the issue of prevention, with a list of myths, strategies and tips, ways to detect a molester, a prevention checklist, ways to detect a victim, what to do after a child has been abused, and a list of references.