This book introduces and explains to children the concept of privacy and saying no to unwanted touches. Privacy is defined and several examples are given, and private body parts are described as those covered by a bathing suit. The girl states she already knows that no one can touch her in any way she doesn’t like, whether it involves her private parts or any other part of her body, such as not wanting to sit on her uncle’s lap. Examples of touching that are enjoyed are given such as cuddling with a dog and dancing with Dad. The girl is encouraged to say “no” to anyone at any time if she doesn’t want them touching her. When the girl worries about hurting other people’s feelings, her mother explains that it is the feelings of the girl that are most important, not the person who she is asking to stop or saying no to. The mother tells the girl that although this is unlikely to happen, the girl should know what to do, just as she knows what to do when a fire happens. Very good book to explain preventing sexual abuse to children in a way that is tender and not shocking, and easy for them to relate to other things and understand.

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