My Job, Your Job


This workbook grew out of working with children whose life experiences left them confused about their roles and respopnsibilities within the caregiver/child relationship. Children who experience limitless parenting, abuse, or neglect may believe that caregivers are not capable of providing for their primary needs of nurturing, safety, and stability. In response, a child may assume these caregiver resposibilities for themselves in order to thrive. The child may then become “parentified.”

This workbook is inteded to define and reinforce appropriate caregiver and child roles and responsibilities – for caregivers to be care givers and for children to be children. Each scenario allows the caregiver and the child to express their responsibility through drawing. Discussing and sharing examples about each responsiblity is encouraged.


The drawing depicted will also provide insight into each person’s view of his/her role and how it can be altered or reinforced.

When completed, this book should become part of the child’s library and be read frequently.

This book can be a resource for helping professionals, parents, foster care providers, and anyone dedicated to helping children.

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