Our Very Special Bodies


Our Very Special Bodies is a children’s book for preschool, kindergarten and primary school-age kids. The purpose of the book is to promote family communication and prevent the sexual abuse of children. It is written in clear, simple language and is illustrated with brightly-colored pictures to engage children in the story. It is an interactive book in which children are not just listening to the story, but actively participating (pointing, touching, dancing, and answering questions).


It is a book that can assist in creating a family norm in which children openly talk and ask questions about anything related to their body, including their very special private parts. The more open communication children have with their loving caregivers and knowledge they have about their bodies, their surrounding environment, and who and how to tell, the lower the risk for victimization. It is a wonderful thing when children grow up loving their bodies (including their very special private parts) and have the knowledge and support of loved ones.