Play Therapy


David Crenshaw and Anne Stewart have compiled an outstanding resource that offers current state-of-the-art clinical approaches and applications in child therapy. Experts in the play therapy field explain major theoretical frameworks and summarize the contemporary play therapy research base, including compelling findings from neuroscience.


Clinical Applications for treating children struggling with such problems as trauma, maltreatment, attachment difficulties, bullying, rage, grief, and autism spectrum disorder are described by play therapy experts including: David Crenshaw, Steve Baron, Sueann Kenney-Noziska, Liana Lowenstein, William Steele, Lennis Echterling and more. Practice principles are brought to life in vivid case illustrations throughout the volume. Special topics include treatment of military families and play therapy interventions for adolescents and adults. Dee Ray & Garry Landreth (Child-Centered Play Therapy) Sarah C. Patton, & Helen E. Benedict (Object Relations and Attachment-Based Play Therapy) Terry Kottman & Jeffrey S. Ashby (Adlerian Play Therapy) J.P. Lilly ( Jungian Analytical Play Therapy) John B. Mordock ( Psychodynamic Play Therapy) Angela M. Cavett ( Cognitive-Behavioral Play Therapy) Eliana Gil, Elizabeth Konrath, Jennifer Shaw, Myriam Goldin, & Heather McTaggart Bryan (The Integrative Approach to Play Therapy) William Whelan & Anne L. Stewart (Attachment Security as a Framework in Play Therapy) Sue C. Bratton, Kristie Opiola, & Eric Dafoe (A 10-Session Filial Therapy Model) Phyllis B. Booth & Marlo L.-R. Winstead (Theraplay: Repairing Relationships, Helping Families Heal) Theresa Kestly (Sandtray and Storytelling in Play Therapy) Joyce C. Mills (StoryPlay: A Narrative Play Therapy Approach) Greg Czyszczon, Scott Riviere, Dianne Lowman, & Anne L. Stewart (Family Play Therapy: Practical Techniques) and Rise VanFleet & Tracie Faa-Thompson (Animal-Assisted Play Therapy)

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