Raising Freakishly Well Behaved Kids: 20 Principles for Becoming the Parent Your Child Needs

Author(s) : Jodi Ann Mullen, PhD

Paperback, 74 pages.

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When a loving and respectful parent-child relationship is the foundation for parenting and discipline the result is well-behaved, thoughtful, and socially conscious children.

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Product Description

This book focuses on what parents can do, and more importantly how they can be with their children in order to create an atmosphere where children choose pro-social behaviors. The behaviors are not created from a place of fear or even traditional discipline, but from 20 simple principles parents can implement in a variety of circumstances from infancy to young adulthood. Following these principles parents can positively impact the behavior of their children, enhance the parent-child relationship, increase their parenting-esteem, and promote lifelong relational skills in their children. The principles come from the perspectives of children, and have an inherent simplicity that is focused on the parent-child relationship. Following these child-centered principles fosters parent-child relationships based in love and respect.


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