Rose the Fairy Queen

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Rose became the fairy queen by virtue of being born when a large, pink rose first unwrapped its blossom toward the sun. Roses represent royalty in the flower world, and on rare occasions when a fairy is born from a rose, she becomes the next queen.

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  • Characteristics: Regal, kind, and fun loving, Rose is all that a fairy queen should be. Her gentle smile inspires other fairies, while her wand and crown contain powerful magic.
  • Size and Color: Standing 4 ½ inches tall, Rose the Fairy Queen wears the colors of her namesake flower. Roses can be many colors of course, but in the wild, they are most often pink, which is represented in Rose’s dress and wings. She wears purple also, the color of royalty, in keeping with fairy tradition.
  • Rose the Fairy Queen is part of the Fairy Fantasies® collection.