Spare Me ‘The Talk’!


If you have a teenage girl, there s a 50 percent chance she is already sexually active and a 33 percent chance she has been solicited by an online predator in the past year. How prepared is she for the risks and realities of sex?

This is a comprehensive crash course for girls into staying safe emotionally, mentally, and physically while navigating the danger-laden worlds of teenage sex and sexuality in a digital age. This book is the first of its kind for girls and young women ages 12-24, and for parents of girls as young as 8.


Your teen will learn proven, effective ways to:

* Avoid pregnancy, and HIV and other sexually transmitted infections
* Stay safe online and avoid sexual harm
* Ask someone out (and let someone down easy)
* Understand bodies and body issues, both male and femal
* Accept that sexuality comes in all shapes and sizes
* Know the consequences of abstinence, indulgence, and everything in between
* Decide what is right for her, remaining true to herself and respectful of others

In language that is relatable, unflinchingly honest (and often funny), veteran sex educator Langford offers a powerful supplement to those notoriously awkward parent-daughter sex talks, answering the tough questions that teenage girls really have but would rather die than ask.


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