Speaker’s Box


Build oral language, critical-thinking skills and confidence. Students reach into the box, pick a color coded prompt card, then get talking! Non-threatening because there are no right or wrong answers. Topics include decisions, favorite things, steps in a simple process, descriptions of real life photos and more.


** 86 write & wipe cards (14 blank for customization)
** Storage box
** Activity guide


Box measures 5”L x 5”W x 5”H, Cards measure 2.5”Square

Grades: 1+

Common Core State Standards Alignment: Speaking & Listening, Reading Literature & Informational Text

Learning Styles: Auditory, Visual

Skill Development:

Language- Receptive language skills are used when students listen to the answers of peers or process a question read aloud.

Language- Expressive language skills are used when students answer the prompt cards and discuss their answer with peers.

Social & Behavioral- Students can learn about other’s opinions and ideas and practice understanding, patience, listening skills and turn taking during play.