Study Skilled…Not!!!


Why Does Studying Have to Be So Difficult?!! Some children become overly stressed at the simple mention of a test, while others avoid thinking about it at all. Neither approach is healthy. Having good study skills can make a huge difference when it comes to succeeding in both school and in life. However, good study skills are not innate–they must be taught, embraced and cultivated. When children learn the correct way to study, they develop effective skills that can lead to a greater chance of success later in life.


Polar opposites, Cletus and Bocephus become study partners! Bocephus over studies and stresses about every assignment and test. Cletus studies as little as possible and puts off any preparation until the night before. Knowing that neither approach is effective, Cletus’ mom introduces them to powerful, hands-on, study tips called, “The Amazing Great 8!“ The boys then learn how good study skills can affect not only their grades, but also their attitudes and results.

“Don’t worry about that boys.
Studying doesn’t have to be so tough.
As long as you do the ‘AMAZING GREAT 8,’
it won’t seem near as rough.”

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