Success with Stress Manage a Fast-Paced Life DVD


Success with Stress addresses key stress management issues that your workshop participants are facing daily and challenges them to make positive changes in their lives. The series provides you with a way to reach participants, either one-on-one or in a group setting, quickly and effectively by presenting you with a ready-to-go comprehensive stress management course.
The format and style of each DVD grabs and holds the attention of participants with stimulating stories about people dealing with real-life problems.

The teaching processes and worksheets on the accompanying CD takes the next and most important step. It invites participants to explore their own stressors and coping strategies and to make lifestyle changes where necessary. All of the worksheets are reproducible.

Each session focuses on a specific stress-related issue and helps participants:

• Perceive and understand good and bad stress
• Learn how their value and belief systems affect their stress levels
• Identify positive coping skills that work
• Create action plans to successfully manage stress

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By refocusing on personal values and by developing the skills of pacing, assertiveness, and time management, people can live more satisfying lives. 16-19 minutes.