Table Talk


Award-winning author Julia Cook serves up a satisfying message about the importance of using good manners at the table. Funny rhymes & colorful illustrations help young readers (and older ones, too!) learn the skills they need to know the next time they sit for a meal.


From the Back Cover:

Bad table manners are hard to stomach. I am the Table, and lately I’ve been seeing a lot that I just don’t like.

Some kids (and a few adult, too!) forget to wash their sticky, gooey, germy hands. EEEWWWW! Others chew with their mouths wide open, letting bits of food fly. Their spittle lands on everything…even on my shapely legs. How Gross! And then some people are glued to their cell phones and video games. How Rude! And why is there so much screeching, reaching, shoving & belching-yes belching-around me? Won’t you please help me make it all stop? 

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