Tangle Therapy


This twistable therapy device is a new ergonomic approach to hand therapy, minor stress relief, smoking cessation, building fine motor skills, and is great for the sensory sensitive – Yes really, all of that!

Research studies in widely varying fields such as play therapy, ADHD, dementia, nursing, special needs care, mental health and well-being have found efficacy in playing with a Tangle.

The ability to fidget to focus is not an abnormal coping mechanism. Rather when a person has a fidget to hold and manipulate during stressful times researchers have find that Tangles can enable such results as better reading and math comprehension, smoothed nerves and anxiety, more body control, focus and even improved rehabilitation when in the ICU.


  • Twistable Therapy Device
  • Relieves Minor Stress
  • Stop Smoking Aid
  • Improves Range of Hand Motion
  • Restores Motion of Joints
  • Improves Muscle Performance
  • Strengthens Finger Muscles
  • Rehabilitates Hand Muscles & Joints