Tease Monster


Is there teasing going on in your classroom, home, or neighborhood? Or is it bullying? How can you tell the difference and know how to help youngsters who are upset or hurt by unwanted comments? Tease Monster explains it all in words and pictures for K-6 students. Kids learn why some teasing can have a negative bite if it’s meant to be hurtful and cause embarrassment. But they also learn why teasing can be friendly and nice if it tries to make someone feel better and is not done out of spite. Understanding the difference can help develop friendship skills and advance social emotional learning.



Youngsters will learn how to react to both types of teasing — when to laugh along with it, ignore it, or get help from a trusted adult when it becomes bullying. Kids also learn how their own words can be misunderstood or hurtful and to watch what they say. Tease Monster is part of the Building Relationships series by Julia Cook. A former teacher and school counselor, Cook has written more than thirty books for children.

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