Teen Friendship Workbook


Teenagers’ choosing healthy friendships is of monumental importance! As children enter middle school and high school, they will be experiencing changes in friends, personal style, social life, movies, music, emotions, etc.—in fact in all aspects of their

The Teen Friendship Workbook will serve as a guide to assist teens in choosing their friends wisely, thus avoiding potentially risky situations. Being able to say no and not be negatively influenced by peers is one of the goals of this book.


Healthy friendships are full of joy, fun, caring, empathy, and mutual support. Friendships grow with time and require a variety of skills that often need to be developed. The goal of this workbook is to help participants explore the skills they are using in their friendships. It incorporates interesting and eye-opening assessments to encourage participants to explore their own personal friendship behavior, as well as that of their friends.

The Teen Friendship Workbook contains five separate sections to help teens learn more about themselves and the skills that are fundamental to developing and maintaining healthy friendships:

• Characteristics of Friends helps teens explore the types of positive and negative qualities their friends possess.
• Friendship Skills helps teens identify the strengths and weaknesses they possess in interacting with their friends.
• Friend Communication Skills helps teens identify and explore how well they are communicating with their friends and develop better friendship communication skills.
• Friendship Personality helps teens understand their own personality and the personality of their friends to better accept one another for the ways they are different.
• Peer Pressure helps teens identify the ways in which they feel pressured or influenced by their friends to do things they may or may not want to do.

The Teen Friendship Workbook is designed to be used either independently or as part of an integrated curriculum. Assessments and journaling exercise may be used effectively with either individuals or with a group. The following tools are included in each section:

• Assessment instruments
• Activity handouts
• Quotations
• Reflective questions for journaling
• Educational handouts

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