The 8 Keys to End Bullying


Organized around the groundbreaking principles of 8 Keys to End Bullying, the book 8 Keys to End Bullying Activity Program for Kids & Tweens builds key social-emotional skills in readers ages 8-12, empowering them to cope with conflict and end bullying in their communities and schools.

Younger kids can complete the activities with a parent or teacher’s guidance, while older kids can complete the activities independently. These simple activities cultivate (1) assertiveness, emotion management, and friendship skills in kids vulnerable to bullying, (2) problem-solving skills for kids who witness bullying, and (3) empathy and kindness skills in kids who are likely to bully their peers.




A comprehensive, skill-building bullying prevention activity book for school-aged readers.

The 8 Keys to End Bullying Activity Book for Kids & Tweens is designed to be both useful and fun. There are quizzes, experiments, questions, and answers mixed in with games, puzzles, journaling challenges, and real-life stories that teach kids how to:

-Tell the difference between rudeness, mean behavior, and bullying
-Respond well when someone is bullying them
-Stand up for someone else before, during, and after bullying
-Have fun online and while texting without hurting others or putting themselves at risk
-Keep a cool head and make good choices, even when they are upset
-Pick fun, kind, trustworthy friends
-Connect with helpful adults when necessary
-Reach out to kids who bully, knowing that everyone has a story
-Create awareness about the problem of bullying

Every part of this book is designed to teach kids what to do to bring an end to bullying, and to choose kindness whenever possible.

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