The Child Clinician’s Report-Writing Handbook


This immensely practical book provides child clinicians with essential information and guidance for conducting evaluations and writing virtually any kind of clinical report. An accessible one-stop reference, it helps the reader collect pertinent information from children, parents, and teachers; organize evaluation results into a high-quality report; choose just the right wording, terms, and phrases to express findings and describe tests used; and develop appropriate treatment plans. Special features include interview questions, developmental milestones, sample reports and report formats, treatment planning tips for particular disorders, and lists of commonly used medications and abbreviations. The book also contains reproducible consent forms, questionnaires, and other ready-to-use tools, all in a convenient large-size format.


Readers are provided with guidance for collecting pertinent information from children, parents, and teachers. Additionally this book aids in organizing evaluation results into high-quality reports, choosing correct wording, terms, and phrases to express findings, describing tests used and developing appropriate treatment plans.

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