The Ethics of Caring: Finding the Right Relationship with Clients


for Practicing Professionals, Students, Teachers, and Mentors

By: Kylea Taylor

Forward by Jack Kornfield

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Staying in right relationship with a client is often an artful movement, a dance with a different “partner” each time. Yet there are helpful rules of thumb that can keep us from stepping on toes (doing harm) and actually support both professional and client in doing a beautiful, healing dance together (creating client benefit). The Ethics of Caring is a unique ethics text designed to guide the self-compassionate self-reflection of students and professionals (therapists, clergy, hospice workers, bodyworkers, educators, medical professionals, mentors, and other caregivers) toward understanding human motivations and countertransference, finding professional right relationship, and making good choices with clients. The Ethics of Caring especially illuminates the inevitable, profound, transformative moments in a professional relationship, which furnish greater potential for client healing, but also may bring greater ethical challenges.