The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes - Mark Pett, Gary Rubinstein - 255441

The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes

Author(s) : Mark Pett, Gary Rubinstein

Hardcover, 32 pages.

Item #255441

Beatrice Bottomwell has NEVER (not once!) made a mistake… Meet Beatrice Bottomwell: a nine-year-old girl who has never (not once!) made a mistake. She never forgets her math homework, she never wears mismatched socks, and she ALWAYS wins the yearly talent show at school. In fact, Beatrice holds the record of perfection in her hometown, where she is known as The Girl Who Never Makes Mistakes. Life for Beatrice is sailing along pretty smoothly until she does the unthinkable-she makes her first mistake. And in a very public way! “The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes is a must read for any young (or old!) perfectionist. Beatrice Bottomwell is perfectly imperfect!” -Stephanie Oppenheim, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio

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For Beatrice Bottomwell, Friday began like any other day. She matched her socks. And, of course, she put her shoes on their proper feet. She remembered to feed her hamster, Humbert, his favorite food, broccoli. And when she made a sandwich for her brother Carl’s lunch, she used exactly the same amount of peanut butter as jelly. When she stepped outside to greet her fans, she didn’t forget to say “good morning” and “thank you.” They asked if she made her bed. She had. They asked if she forgot to do her math homework. Nope. “What about tonight’s talent show?” they asked. “I’m ready!” said Beatrice with a smile. After all, her juggling act had won three years in a row. Most people in town didn’t even know Beatrice’s name. They just called her “the Girl Who Never Makes Mistakes,” because for as long as anyone could remember, she never did.

“A refreshing fable that assures kids it’s OK to mess up once in a while — but doesn’t beat them over the head with the moral. The mom’s take: Gary Rubinstein’s tale of a 9-year-old perfectionist is a refreshing fable that assures kids it’s OK to mess up once in a while — but doesn’t beat them over the head with the moral. Mark Pett’s gentle cartoon illustrations liven up even more the story of an ordinary-looking girl who clings to her image of being anything but ordinary. The kid’s take: When my 7-year-old son…finished, he sat with a thoughtful look on his face for a moment — then reopened the book to read it through again. If that’s not a recommendation, I don’t know what is.” – The Oregonian Parenting Blog

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