The Stop, Relax, & Think Scriptbook

Author(s) : Hennie Shore

Spiral-bound, pages.

Item #150523

The eight scripts deal with:

Organizing Tasks and Activities, Listening to Directions and Following Instructions, Remembering to Do What is Expected, Thinking About Consequences, Staying Focused and Completing One Task at a Time, Remaining Calm in Given Situations, Engaging in Quiet Activities without Disturbing Others, Behaving Appropriately in Given Situations

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Product Description

Ages: 8-12. By Hennie Shore. Teaching children to think before they act is an important part of working with active, impulsive children. With this book, children can practice what to say and how to act in eight different scenarios common to children with behavioral problems. This book was designed to teach children the skills they need to think about their behavior, recognize how it affects others, and work toward changing negative patterns. It gives them a fun and educational forum in which they can enact familiar scenarios and effect positive outcomes. The counselor and the child sit across from each other and read the scripts. For group use, the scripts can be copied. The eight scripts deal with listening to directions and following instructions, thinking about consequences before acting, staying focused and completing one task at a time, behaving appropriately in given situations, and more. 100-page spiral-bound scriptbook.


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