Too Soon a Memory


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This book is written for you who have experienced an early pregnancy loss, commonly known as a miscarriage, during that time in your pregnancy when your baby was still a “secret” nestled close to your heart – and when your body showed only subtle signs of the life growing within you.

Losing a baby in these early weeks of pregnancy carries with it some unique problems not faced by other parents who grieve the loss of a baby at full term.  For instance, you will find yourself having to cope with the loss of a little person who is unknown to others and barely known to you.  And you will soon discover that, for the most part, our society lacks the kinds of rituals, which can assist you in saying goodbye to one born too early.

As you read this booklet you need not be overly concerned if you are not experiencing all the feelings which will be described in these pages. How much you care is not measured by the intensity of the grief that you display.  Own the feelings you do have and don’t worry about the rest.  It is our hope that this book will calidate your loss however you experience it.