Totika Ten Deck Card Set Game


The Totika Ten Set includes TEN decks of question cards, each containing of 48 cards with 150-196 questions, scenarios, prompts and sentence completion.  The card decks include the ALL NEW Anger, Bullying and Resilience card decks along with the Self Esteem, Life Skills, Junior Principles & Values, Divorce, Teen-Adult Principles & Values, and Icebreaker card decks.  Also, a Blank card deck is included, which is pencil erasable and allows facilitators or players to write questions about any topic!  The Teen-Adult deck is appropriate for ages 13 and up and all other decks are suitable for ages 8 to adult.  Totika may be played with two or more players.


SELF ESTEEM DECK – promotes discussions about self-confidence, setting and achieving goals, role models, motivation, and personal success.

ANGER DECK – promotes discussions about and strategies for coping with and resolving anger.

BULLYING DECK – promotes discussions about and strategies for coping with and resolving bullying.

RESILIENCE DECK – promotes discussions about stress, problem-solving, feelings, healthy friendships and a positive self-concept and outlook

LIFE SKILLS DECK – promotes social skills, coping strategies, critical-thinking and sound decision-making abilities.

DIVORCE DECK– discussion-provoking therapeutic questions relating to divorce.

JUNIOR PRINCIPLES & VALUES DECK – promotes moral development and civility intended for children but appropriate for teens and adults too.

ICEBREAKER DECK – allows players to get to know one another during play, build rapport with the facilitator and experience the Totika game.

TEEN-ADULT PRINCIPLES & VALUES DECK – promotes moral development, social awareness and civility with challenging questions for ages 13 and up.

BLANK CARD DECK – create the perfect set of questions for any group!

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