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Transcending Trauma: Post-Traumatic Growth Following Physical, Sexual, and Emotional Abuse

Author(s) : Geral Blanchard

Paperback, 124 pages.

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This “wise, helpful” book examines trauma from a new and encouraging perspective–one that suggests that post-traumatic growth (PTG) and even thriving are possible after experiencing painful events. Studies have shown that people who experience PTG report positive change in five areas: they have a renewed appreciation for life; they find new possibilities for themselves; they feel more personal strength; their relationships improve; and they feel more spiritually satisfied.

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Product Description

While Transcending Trauma is written primarily for health care professionals, all who are providing support to a survivor of any age will find the empirical evidence, practical guidance, anecdotes, and case studies valuable as they gently guide the trauma victim toward the resilient response necessary for post-traumatic growth.

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