Understanding and Addressing Adolescent Grief Issues

Understanding and Addressing Adolescent Grief Issues: A Manual for Any Caring Adult Dealing with Grief in Middle and High School Students

Author(s) : David Opalewski

Paperback, 88 pages.

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Topics covered in this book include: Experiences and observations, uniqueness of adolescent grief, normal vs. abnormal, grief vs. trauma, sudden death vs. anticipated death, basics for the caring adult, adolescent suicide, biochemistry of adolescent suicide and violence, common adolescent grief concerns, the return to school, and advice from adolescents to the caring adult.

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Product Description

Adolescents are not supposed to experience death. Although it should never happen, the harsh reality is that it does, and when it does, it is a terrible shock for the adolescent. Adolescent Grief will help you, as the caring adult, be a guide through this troubling time by helping you understand what the adolescent is going through and giving you comprehensive techniques to address the situation. This is a time when a caring, unassuming adult can make a positive difference in a young person by fostering growth and maturity.


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