What To Do When Children Clam Up

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Have you ever felt “stuck” when working with a child or adolescent client? What interventions are most helpful when working with resistant clients?

Cathy Malchiodi & David Crenshaw have garnered child and adolescent experts to help novice as well as seasoned clinicians understand and work through such impasses. Contributing experts Bruce Perry, Richard Gaskill, Steven Porges and Theresa Kestly explain the neurobiological effects of trauma, and how they manifest in the body when children “clam up.”

Child & adolescent experts including Anne Stewart, Lennis Echterling, Rise VanFleet, Nancy Boyd Webb, the editors and others provide a plethora of creative evidence based interventions using play, art, movement, and animal-assisted therapies to help children “self regulate” and feel safe. This book is part of the Creative Arts & Play Therapy Series.

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