Who Gets Amy’s Room?


A non-fiction, illustrated story told by Amy’s 8-year old brother about Amy’s passing when she was 17 years old, for children of all ages.

It also features a section by Amy’s mother that includes comments by those who knew Amy and the mother’s talk “Parenting the Handicapped Child” at the 1985 La Leche League International Conference.


Back Cover:

Meet Amy. As a five-year old, Amy ran into the street, where she was struck down. The only reason she survived was because a police car was one vehicle back. Rushed to a hospital in minutes, Amy survived-but never to return as the beautiful, smart, active five-year-old she had been.

Despite her handicaps, Amy was a loving big sister to her three siblings. She had the time and patience to teach them to color, to read stories to them and to help them learn to read as they grew older. But, at 17, without warning, Amy died.

Who Get’s Amy’s Room? is about a family learning to live with her passing as narrated by her brother Kit, when he was about eight. You will meet Amy’s mother, Jacie, who is still devoted to local public service, and who spoke about her struggles to reach acceptance of her daughter Amy at a conference years later, in a talk entitled “Parenting the Handicapped Child.”

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