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Stress and Anxiety Relief

sensory kit deluxe expanded scaled

Written by John

Struggling with anxiety? Feeling stressed and looking for some great tools and strategies to help it feel a little more manageable? Check out our custom kits that offer a variety of different options to navigate through some of the “tough stuff”, increasing your focus or just finding a healthy balance in your world. Click here to see our biggest kit- fully customizable to meet your needs:

The perfect Kit for any “Calm Down Corner”, “Time In Station”, “Sensory Space” or other “Safe Space”!  Help yourself, clients or family members of any age try out different sensory, fidget and mindfulness techniques to best meet their needs to reduce anxiety, increase focus and productivity for school, work, therapy or at home! 

Mindful/ Sensory Kit: Deluxe, Expanded for Home, Office or Classroom