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Rules and Responsibilities

Together in Our World


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“Rules help us take care of ourselves, each other, and the places and things around us.”

Rules and Responsibilities helps kids understand what rules are and the consequences of not following rules. National and international laws are also included in the discussion.

Beyond following rules and obeying laws, this picture books also explains what being responsible is and how kids can take responsibility for their actions.

“You can be a responsible person too! You can help make rules at home and school. You can make sure you respect and follow the rules and laws that affect you. You can also take more responsibility for the world around you.”

A glossary and additional resources can be found at the back of the book.

Together in Our World Series
This series addresses issues children might hear about in the news and may not understand. In a straightforward and kid-friendly way, these picture books explain tough topics and offer readers ideas for what they can do to help make the world a better, fairer place. Each book has a glossary and additional resources.

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